Disaster Recovery Planning is

one of the most underutilized

 tools to protect a business from sudden and unexpected calamities that may strike at any time. 

This may be why so many businesses go out of

business following an event like a water damage or fire damage without a business continuity plan. 

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Disaster planning can take many forms.  It may involve the contracting the services of a certified disaster recovery planner (CDRP) or bringing a certified disaster recovery planner on staff.  This requires a commitment from management to support the development of a disaster plan and the scheduling of tests for the plan to veify that it meets the goals establsihed when the disaster planning process was begun. few small to medium sized businesses are willing a or able to commit  the resources to such an undertaking.

Disaster Planning or Business Continuity by an organization may also be a regulatory requirement.  This is often the case in the financial industry.

But the truth is that some plan is better than no plan at all.  The old joke is that as the firemen are rolling up their hoses, it may be too late to put together a business continuity plan. 

If your company develops a disaster recovery plan using a professional CDRP, we can help by participating in that plan as a go to resource when the disaster occurs.  Quick response can limit the extent of a damage or disaster event , which translates into quicker recovery and a more rapid return to normal operations.

If you need help deciding and then building a disaster recovery plan, please feel free to contact us.  While we are not Certified Disaster Recovery Planners, we can help identify sample disaster recovery plans from a simple one-page resource list to providing on-line mapping of facilities, occupancy and resources available to emergency responders in case of a onsite disaster.

We have offices in the Treasure Valley (Boise-Meridian-Nampa), Magic Valley (Jerome-Twin Falls) and Wood River (Hailey-Ketchum-Sun Valley) offering both 24 Hour emergency response to almost anywhere in southern Idaho, but also certified technicians on staff to fulfill a request for emergency service.  Please feel free to call and discuss establsihing a prioroty service agreement prior to a damage event.  This simple step can cut though any administrative delays in making that intial response to a damage event.
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